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We are here to make you smile again. If you have missing or failing teeth, whether it’s a single tooth, multiple teeth, or all your teeth, you’ve found the place that will help you get your smile back... along with your self-confidence, your facial structure, your appearance, and your quality of life. Dental Associates is a well-established, innovative family-owned dental practice, providing specialized family dental care in the areas of pedodontics, orthodontics, oral surgery, prosthetics, periodontal treatment, preventative dentistry and dental implants. Our bone regenerative procedures and ability to permanently replace failing or missing teeth will have you smiling again, and again, and again.


Experience that will make you smile

Our dental implant specialists at the Implant Center at Dental Associates have decades of combined experience. They perform thousands of implant dentistry procedures annually, both surgically and restoratively. They offer the most advanced tooth replacement dental implant services available. And they do this using scientifically documented and established products, the safest, most secure and most successful techniques, the latest proven technological developments, and most advanced state-of-the-art equipment.

Compassion that will make you smile. Most importantly, Dental Associates dental implant specialists, and the entire Implant Center staff, are compassionate, caring, and understanding. Your peace of mind, comfort, and well being is first and foremost. Our mission – from the moment you consider us for implant treatment to the lifelong dental care you receive after your permanent implant solution – is to see you smile. We know getting dental implants is a big decision and we also understand the anxiety you may have about the dental implant procedures. Be assured – we are committed to giving you every reason to smile. With every visit. With every interaction. With every experience.

Lifelong care that will make you smile. Get your smile back. Then keep smiling. Once you’ve received your permanent dental implant solution, you can look forward to lifelong dental care with Dental Associates. More than just a dental implant center, Dental Associates also provides you with complete family dental services, both general and specialty dentistry. It’s easily accessible because it’s all under one roof, and it’s also personalized and affordable.

The Implant Center at Dental Associates will get you smiling again, no matter your oral health situation. Explore our site to find out all the information you need to learn about dental implants and Dental Associates. Get information. Become educated. Call us. Ask us questions. Express your concerns. Get the dental implant solutions that will restore your quality of life and help you regain that smile, and your self-confidence.

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