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Removable Dental Appliances

In addition to full and partial dentures, your Dental Associates team can provide other removable appliances to help protect and straighten teeth, as well as improve overall health. Read below to learn about your options and talk to your dentist about which removable is best for your individual lifestyle.

dental-appliances.jpgRetainers are traditionally used as a maintenance appliance after you or your child has braces removed. They can be taken out during eating and are easy to clean. In order to maintain all structural improvements that braces made, your Dental Associates orthodontist recommends that you wear your retainer as much as possible.

Removable space maintainers are temporary appliances for children used if they lose a baby tooth prematurely. It helps prevent other baby teeth from shifting after that baby tooth is gone, and will make way for adult teeth to grow in correctly.

Night guards: Grinding of teeth, or bruxism, can wear them down and cause jaw problems. Most jaw grinding happens during sleep, but wearing a night guard can protect your teeth.

Tongue thrust dental guards: Tongue thrusting typically happen when you sleep, and can put enough pressure on your teeth to cause them to shift over time. A tongue thrust dental guard puts a barrier in between your tongue and your front teeth to diffuse the pressure.

Similar to dentures, it is important to handle all removable dental appliances with care. Be sure to talk to your dentist about proper cleaning techniques and how to store them properly when not in use. Read more about cleaning & care.


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