Dental health tips Q&A with Dr. Laura Goodell

Dental Health Tips – a Video Q&A with Dr. Laura Goodell

Posted on 11 Sep
Pediatric Dentistry

We all know how important it is to keep our mouths healthy, but keeping our kids’ mouths healthy too can be a challenge! That’s why Dental Associates’ caring pediatric dentistry teams will help your kids each step of their development to ensure their teeth are growing in properly and provide tips for keeping those teeth healthy.

Our dentists regularly share their expertise with the public, whether through media appearances or through video chats with local groups. Pediatric dentist Laura Goodell recently joined the MKE Moms Blog team on a Facebook Live segment to discuss all things kids’ dental health, including when a child should first see a dentist, tips for getting kids to brush, and more! 

Here are some of the video highlights:

  • How to get your kids excited about brushing
  • A helpful technique for how to brush your child’s teeth
  • When a child should first visit the dentist
  • How to protect your child’s mouth during sports
  • What to do if your child’s tooth gets knocked out (you need to see this!)

Check out the full live stream below and be sure to schedule your child’s next dentist appointment soon.



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