7 Facts About Adult Fluoride Treatments

Posted on 29 Apr
General Dentistry

By Jenilee Vande Hey, RDH, Regional Manager of Hygiene Development 

Fluoride treatments are well known for pediatric dental patients, but did you know fluoride treatment also offers many benefits for adults too? 

We want everyone to learn about the benefits of fluoride for adults, so we sat down with some of our dental hygienists for the most common facts about fluoride treatments. As you’ll see, there are many benefits for adults as well as kids! 

Facts About Fluoride Treatments 

  1. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that can be found in water, soil, and even in the air!  

  1. Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay in children and adults by re-mineralizing weakened tooth surfaces. By strengthening the enamel, it becomes more resistant to acid attacks from food and drinks.  

  2. Fluoride can be applied topically or ingested (systemically). 

    We often talk about fluoride being found in the water we drink. Some cities will monitor the amount of fluoride in our drinking water and will add fluoride if there is not enough naturally. Drinking water that has fluoride in it will benefit teeth while they are forming.  If fluoridated water is consumed during the growth of the tooth, the enamel will form stronger and be more resistant to decay. 

    Topically applied fluoride is available in different forms such as over-the-counter rinses and toothpaste. You can also get topical fluoride foams, gels, or varnish applications at your dental office.   

  3. Even adults can benefit from fluoride treatments! Typically, we associate fluoride treatments with children.  However, they are not the only ones that can benefit. Like children, adults may also consume sugary/acidic beverages and snacks frequently and as a result, have more weakened enamel. 

  1. Fluoride treatments at your dentist’s office are very beneficial. These treatments are a higher concentration compared to products you can buy at the store and can give your tooth structure the necessary boost of minerals to strengthen weakened spots and reduce sensitivity.  Discuss your individual needs with your dental providers to determine if you would benefit from a fluoride treatment.  

  1. There are many reasons why your dentist may recommend a fluoride treatment. If you have a high cavity risk and/or sensitivity, have a high sugar/acidic diet, lack of regular dental care, are taking certain medications/dry mouth, or have active decay in the mouth, talk to your dental care team about using fluoride to help strengthen your enamel.  

  1. Some dental insurances will cover fluoride treatments. Each insurance is different, and coverage varies. Regardless of insurance coverage, preventative services like fluoride treatments can help reduce the cost of dental services in the future and save money in the long run.     

No matter how long it has been since your last dental visit, your dental care team at Dental Associates is here to help you have excellent oral health! If you think you might benefit from a fluoride treatment, schedule an appointment today. 


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