Dental Associates careers provide long-lasting opportunities

Dental Associates Careers Provide Long-Lasting Opportunities

Posted on 02 Jun
The Dental Associates Difference

An organization’s success reflects in its people. Organizations are responsible for creating an environment that helps individuals leverage their skills and experience so that they feel good about what they do and what they accomplish on a daily basis, emanating in an environment of highly-engaged team members. And that’s who we are at Dental Associates.

Every month, I have the privilege of signing anniversary letters for our team members. I’ve recently noticed that many of the letters I sign are for team members with extensive years of service. This prompted me to do some further exploring and what I found amazed me:

I am proud to share that 41 team members have been providing exceptional care to patients for 25 years or more. That equates to over 5% of our current team member count. Of those 41 individuals, two will celebrate 40 or more years of service this year; only a few years short of our company’s 42-year-long existence!

I am honored to be a team member of this organization where our team works together to create positive patient experiences for our patients who, in turn, benefit from the commitment and loyalty of the team.

The Dental Associates Company Culture

Our team embodies our company’s values of caring, respect, and quality, which comes easily if they enjoy their career. The high level of staff satisfaction at Dental Associates stems from the pride our team takes in providing an excellent patient experience every day.

Being with like-minded individuals in a comfortable environment that’s equipped with state-of-the-art technology empowers team members to provide quality care to our patients. Additionally, professional and personal development through our mentoring programs helps our team members to learn new skills that broaden their experience and provides them with accomplishments that allows them to better serve our patients.

Our owner, Dr. Tom Manos, greatly values the continuing education opportunities provided to our team members and believes that learning should continue through someone’s lifetime. By embracing the latest technologies with continuous training of our team members, we strive to greatly improve our patients’ experiences while expanding our team members’ knowledge, skills, and professional development.

Looking for a Rewarding Dental Career?

If you’re looking for a meaningful and rewarding career, consider being a part of our valued team. Visit our careers site to view our current openings.

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