Learn tips for choosing insurance during open enrollment season

Tips for Open Enrollment Season

It’s open enrollment season, which means once again you’re tasked with choosing a medical and dental plan that’s right for you. The problem is, a lot of companies make it difficult to understand what’s included in insurance, what their annual maximums are, and what care each plan covers. That’s why we wanted to share some tips for choosing a dental insurance plan that best fits your needs so this year during open enrollment, you can feel confident when choosing a plan!

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Tips for Choosing a Dental Insurance Plan

When electing into your 2020 benefits through your employer, make sure you look out for a few aspects:

  • Before purchasing a plan, check to make sure your dental plan covers basic services completely. For example, preventive and diagnostic care services should be covered at 100%. Some plans don’t count preventive and diagnostic work towards your maximum and this provides you extra dollars for other services. Also, be sure to choose a plan that includes coverage for both general and specialty work such as fillings, extractions, or crowns. This will help reduce your bills now and in the future.
  • Pay attention! Unfortunately, some dental insurances may seem like a good deal, but they have a lot of fine print such as excluded care and services, waiting periods before you can use it, or payments made according to a reduced fee schedule. Pay attention to ensure your insurance offers coverage with no strings attached!
  • Purchase a plan that's right for you. There are many different dental insurance plans out there. Be sure to choose a plan that provides coverage for your family and will also include dependents. Or, if it’s just you, don’t overpay for a plan that includes family members when you only need coverage for yourself!
    • If you’re considering a new plan, check if your current provider is in-network. This can usually be done on the insurance company’s website or over the phone. You can also call your dentist’s office to inquire if they accept the plan you are considering. By seeing an in-network provider, you will reduce your dental expense!

With those three things in mind, you’ll be good to go this open enrollment season!

Stand Alone Dental Insurance 

If your company doesn’t offer dental insurance during open enrollment, stand alone dental insurance (or supplemental dental insurance) is a great option. There are many supplemental dental insurance options on the market for both individuals and families. In addition, our clinics are the exclusive provider or CarePlus Dental Plans, which can save you up to 25% on out-of-pocket dental expenses. Learn more about CarePlus Dental Plans.

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