5 Tips for Choosing Your Dentist

Posted on 23 Jan
General Dentistry

By: Dr. Jason Brewer

Choosing a new dentist can be overwhelming. Whether you’re making the switch from a provider you weren’t happy with, relocating and in need of a new provider, or looking for someone to provide first-time care, there’s a lot to consider.

Here are 5 tips for choosing your new dentist:

1. Look for verified review services

Many doctors use verified review services to allow patients to have a clear insight into the level of care they provide. Using reviews is a great way to start getting to know your provider. At Dental Associates we use Press Ganey, a nationally-recognized patient experience firm, to survey our patients. This helps us provide honest and transparent feedback to our patients and potential patients.

2. Consider location and convenience

Many parents have limited time to take off work, or we don’t want a dental visit to be a reason our children miss school. Choosing a dentist who is close in proximity to your house or work and offers multiple specialties will save you time in the long-run when it comes to driving to and from appointments and scheduling. Dental Associates clinics offer a variety of specialties from pediatric dentistry and orthodontics to endodontics and periodontics.

3. Find out if the provider is in-network

Normally a quick search on the clinic’s website, a call to their patient care services, or consulting with your insurance provider can help determine if the provider is in-network. If you don’t have dental insurance, consider CarePlus Dental Plans. CarePlus offers competitive rates and coverage, and Dental Associates is proud to be its sole provider. In some cases, CarePlus can even be used alongside your existing insurance.

If you’re wondering whether your insurance is accepted by Dental Associates, visit our dental insurance we accept page.

4. Review training, certifications, and specialties

At Dental Associates, we offer videos of each of our providers to allow you to get to know them prior to meeting them in person. You can also view their education, certifications, and which languages they speak. When you know a little bit more about who your provider is and what they can offer you, you’re more likely to have a positive experience. Whether you’re looking for a provider at Dental Associates or elsewhere, learning more about your provider before stepping foot into the clinic is a great way to help ease your mind. 

5. Ask friends, family, or coworkers for referrals to their favorite providers

When people we know and trust have positive experiences with their providers, we feel more at ease about selecting to see them ourselves. The way a provider makes someone feel when they’re in the chair or the clinic is very important. Leverage the experiences of others in making decisions about your new provider to feel more confident about your care.

Choosing a new dentist can be stressful, but our teams are happy to help you take it in stride. Schedule an appointment to meet one of our teams today!

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