Dentist Reviews: About Our Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Dental Associates Dentist Reviews: Real Reviews from Real Patients

Dental Associates strives to provide patients with the highest level of personalized care, and we do this by routinely measuring patient satisfaction. To ensure we’re getting the most reliable, unbiased feedback from our patients, we partner with independent patient experience firm, Press Ganey.


Press Ganey is the nationally-recognized leader in patient satisfaction in health care and is used by many of the nation’s top health care organizations. In fact, for over 25 years, Press Ganey has worked with over 10,000 health care organizations to measure and improve clinical performance. Press Ganey is the leader in patient satisfaction surveys, and we chose this firm to assure our patients are consistently receiving the very best care from our dentists, their dental teams, and our organization as a whole.

Press Ganey manages the entire surveying process, from patient selection to tabulation, so the results shared on our website are statistically valid and not influenced in any manner by anyone at Dental Associates. That is why we can confidently state that the dentist reviews we share on our website are a valid assessment of our patient experience. You can also rest assured that the ratings and comments are from actual patients.

Dental Associates shares unedited dentist reviews online from real patients.Recognition for Our Transparency

In 2015, we earned Press Ganey’s Seal of Integrity based on our data transparency for sharing patient evaluations of dentists and clinics on our website. The Seal of Integrity validates the reliability of our doctor and clinic reviews program and assures patients that the performance ratings posted online are scientifically rigorous. It confirms our commitment to delivering an accurate representation of provider performance to help patients make informed decisions about their care.

About Our Dentist Reviews

Who receives our Press Ganey survey?
Patients of Dental Associates dentists and dental specialists are randomly selected by Press Ganey to receive the in-depth Press Ganey survey.

What does the survey contain?
Press Ganey surveys include an extensive analysis of the patient’s experience not only with their dentist, but also the experience with our organization as a whole. The survey includes the following sections:

  • An overall assessment of their dentist
  • Details about scheduling the appointment and our reception staff
  • Doctor/Patient interaction
  • Performance of the dentist’s overall dental team
  • An assessment of our dental facility
  • An assessment of the patient’s overall comfort and helpfulness provided by our staff
  • Questions involving payment options

What information is shared on our website?
Of all the questions on the Press Ganey survey, we chose to share the results that focused on the patient’s interaction with their dentist as well as their likelihood of recommending their doctor to a family member or friend. As a result, the star ratings you will find on our dentists’ profile pages are from that portion of the survey.

Similarly, the comments we share on each doctor’s profile page are the comments collected from the doctor/patient interaction section of the survey, rather than comments from every section of the survey.

Even though we don’t post all comments, we do take all data collected into consideration. Every month, our Patient Experience Specialist meticulously combs over data collected and feedback from our patients to consistently improve our clinic teams and overall clinic operations.

Do we share all comments?
Dental Associates is committed to being transparent. As such, we post the majority of comments we receive from patients about their interaction with their doctor, whether they are positive or negative. The only comments we remove are those that are profane, deemed libelous or slanderous, or those that risk the privacy of the patient. In addition, some out-of-context comments are also removed if they don’t refer to the patient’s interaction with their dentist, but rather something with our facility, payment option, etc.

At the time of launching patient comments, we decided to share the previous 18 months worth of comments; 2,228 total comments. Of those, we shared a total of 2,165. That means we posted a total of 97% of all dentist comments shared.

Total comments: 2,228
Total posted: 2165
Total removed: 63

Why be so transparent with our dentist reviews?
We know you have options when choosing a health care provider, and also acknowledge that there are several places where dentist reviews are available. By sharing our Press Ganey patient satisfaction results, we provide you with a reliable, unbiased source for Wisconsin dentist reviews so you can make an informed decision. A decision based on data from real patients, conducted by a credible source.