Cup of Joe for a Joe Program

Posted on 26 Sep
The Dental Associates Difference

When military members are stationed overseas, they don’t get to enjoy the everyday things that we often take for granted. If you’re a coffee drinker, you might wake up, make a pot of coffee to enjoy, or stop somewhere for a cup on your way to wherever you’re going. Our troops overseas don’t get this luxury. That’s why Green Beans Coffee Company established the “Cup of Joe for a Joe” program to help give our troops access to these small luxuries and simultaneously thank them for their service!

Through this program, participants can donate just $2 and the Green Beans Coffee Company will deliver a personal letter and a fresh cup of coffee to one service member.

This summer, Dental Associates sent 780 “Cups of Joe” to United States military personnel who are stationed overseas via the Cup of Joe for a Joe program. Along with the cup of coffee, our employees sent notes for the soldiers, and some even received replies back! We loved connecting with U.S. soldiers across the world and letting them know we appreciate the sacrifices they make for our country.

The 780 cups sent represent the number of employees we have and it’s just one small way we can show our appreciation and respect for the work those in the military do every single day.

Watch this short video featuring our own Dr. Donald Gundlach to learn what receiving a Cup of Joe meant to him when he was recently stationed overseas in the Army.

You can send your own “Cup of Joe” to our armed forces here.