Is Hard Seltzer Bad for Your Teeth?

By: Ekta Desai, General Dentist

We know the phrase, “there ain’t no laws when you’re drinking claws” but your dentist says otherwise! While hard seltzers can be a low-calorie and refreshing alternative to other alcoholic beverages, they can still cause damage. So, what makes them harmful?


As with any alcoholic drinks, hard seltzers are more acidic and can damage the enamel and once your enamel is gone it’s gone for good. It also can cause dry mouth which creates an ideal environment for bacteria to grow.

Carbonation in Sparkling Water

While sparkling water is generally seen as being a healthy alternative to soda, nevertheless, it is more acidic than still water. Again, this acidity can cause damage to the enamel and plaque buildup which can cause cavities.


“Wait, I thought these hard seltzers were low in sugar or sugar-free!” Yes and no. Alcohol itself is made with sugar. The added sweeteners and flavoring can then also increase the acidity and sugar of the drink. By increasing the amount of sugar and acid in a drink, it can cause tooth sensitivity.

What should I do?

While it might be easy to stop the fun and say stop drinking, we know this may not be a realistic request. Instead, remember to drink a glass of water after each hard seltzer. Doing this not only will help slow the effects of the alcohol, but it will also wash out your mouth of the harmful acids. If you are looking for another drink alternative, we recommend gin and club soda. Gin has the lowest sugar content, and the club soda will not cause acid build-up in the mouth. These small changes can keep you (and your dentist!) smiling.

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