Could COVID-19 be the right time to get braces?

Could COVID-19 Be the Right Time for Braces?

Posted on 23 Sep

By: Orthodontist Nicolas Branshaw

COVID-19 has brought many changes for us both personally and professionally. We’ve all been surprised by how quickly life changed, but I’ve also been surprised by something else: the number of people—especially adults—taking the initiative to start orthodontic treatment during COVID-19!

A huge concern for many patients starting braces (especially adults) is aesthetics. Traditional metal braces aren’t always the most attractive, and sometimes patients are worried about what they'll look like during treatment. This is a big reason why we’ve seen such an increase in patients starting treatment over the last few months; we’ve seen fewer people “shop” for orthodontic care, and instead they’re deciding to go for it and start treatment right away.

Getting Braces During COVID-19

If you’re one of those people concerned about your appearance with metal braces, here are two things that can ease your mind:

  1. You’ll be wearing a mask most of the time when you’re out and about in public, so others won’t see your braces. 
  2. Many meetings are now held virtually, which can help minimize the appearance of metal braces.

While we don’t know for sure how long we’ll be wearing masks in public, depending on your case and the length of your treatment, there’s a good chance that when we're no longer required to wear masks, you’ll be at least halfway to achieving the smile you’ve been hoping for!

COVID-19 has turned into a time of self-improvement for many—both mentally and physically. Why not extend that to your smile too? If you’ve been thinking about straightening your teeth, request a consult and we can help you transform your smile and improve your oral health!

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