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Mouth Guards

mouth-guards.jpgOne of the easiest ways to protect your teeth, face, tongue, lips and jaw is to wear a mouth guard during sports. If you or your child participates in a sport, see your Dental Associates dentist to be fitted for a custom mouth guard.

Contact sports like football, hockey, boxing, and karate are high-risk sports for mouth, dental and facial injuries. But even non-contact sports like soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, gymnastics and skating can include incidental contact that can be dangerous for your teeth. A mouth guard, which is usually worn on the upper teeth, will help protect your teeth and your surrounding facial area.

A custom mouth guard is made specifically to fit your mouth. Your dentist simply makes a mold of your teeth and mouth, and creates a custom mouth guard from that mold. If you or your child has braces or bridge work, a mouth guard is essential to protecting your cheeks and lips from any cuts that your hardware could cause if you get hit in the face.

Obtain a Mouth Guard

Our team at Dental Associates is eager to serve you. If you would like to be fitted for a custom mouth guard, visit our locations page to find a dental clinic near you. Please call the clinic of your choice to schedule an appointment, or you can also request an appointment below.