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Types of Dental Fillings

Dental Associates can offer you several types of filling materials, and your dentist will work with you or your child to decide what would be best for your individual case. Dental insurance plans cover each filling material differently, and your dentist will be happy to discuss your options.


Common Dental Filling Materials

dental-filling.jpgAmalgam: these are silver-colored and are most common in adults. Amalgam fillings are easy for dentists to work with and are very affordable for patients. These are made from a combination of metals including mercury, silver, tin and copper. Amalgam fillings are extremely tough, which makes them perfect for the back teeth where a majority of chewing occurs. On average, an amalgam filling lasts eight to ten years.

Composite resin: these are tooth-colored and match your teeth. Composite fillings are made with a mixture of quartz or glass, which creates a strong and aesthetically-pleasing filling. They work well on most teeth, but are especially useful for small to mid-size fillings.

For more information about dental fillings, visit fillings & restorative care FAQs.

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