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Root Canal Symptoms


The root canals of your teeth contain blood vessels, nerve fibers and soft lymph tissues. These tissues can become damaged or infected due to a deep cavity, repeated dental work on the same tooth, a cracked or broken tooth or a failing restoration. Root canal therapy is often the best option to relieve your pain and avoid losing the tooth entirely. You may need a root canal if you experience one or more of the following root canal symptoms listed below.


Common Root Canal Symptoms

  • You have a strong, sustained throbbing pain in the area of the tooth
  • It hurts to chew on a particular tooth or a certain side of your mouth
  • It hurts to consume cold food or drinks
  • You have prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures
  • Your tooth becomes discolored
  • The gums near the sore tooth are swollen and sensitive
  • You get a pimple on your gums

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Emergency Root Canal

A root canal typically does not require an emergency procedure. However, if you experience tooth pain that is so severe that it greatly affects your everyday activities, we would be happy to assist you immediately. We offer 24-hour urgent care to active patients of record. If you or your child has a dental emergency during non-business hours, call our office and the urgent care answering service will contact you quickly to our on-call staff. Learn more about Dental Associates’ emergency dental care.

Root Canal Procedures

Learn what root canal therapy (RCT) entails and the different root canal procedures that your dentist will discuss with you at your consultation.