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West Milwaukee Dental Clinic

After 40 years on Cesar Chavez Drive, we’re moving to a brand new clinic in the convenient retail hub of Miller Park Way!

Dental Associates has been serving this area for over 40 years, and we’re excited to bring our quality care to West Milwaukee. Our new West Milwaukee dental clinic will replace our existing Milwaukee dental clinic on Cesar Chavez Drive. Just 2.7 miles west of the Cesar Chavez clinic, our West Milwaukee dental clinic will offer you the same great care you received in the previous location, but in a brand new, state-of-the-are facility! We’re excited to continue caring for our patients we’ve seen at the Cesar Chavez clinic, as well as welcoming new patients from the West Milwaukee area.

Our West Milwaukee dental clinic will offer every dental specialty your family will ever need. From general dentistry, oral surgery and dental implants for adults, to pediatric dentistry and orthodontics for children, we will be your one-stop location for all your family’s dental needs.

Dental Associates' West Milwaukee dental clinic


Dental Associates' West Milwaukee dental clinic opening November 2016!

Our West Milwaukee dental clinic will open on November 14th. We will remain seeing patients at our Milwaukee - South clinic located on Cesar Chavez Drive through Thursday, November 10th, then will begin seeing patients at the new clinic. You may request an appointment here, or call us at 414-645-4540.


Where Will Our West Milwaukee Dental Clinic Be Located?

Our clinic is located on the east side of Miller Park way in the retail hub of West Milwaukee, just north of Lincoln Avenue and across from Menards. To find our clinic, follow these simple instructions:

From the north via Miller Park Way
Our clinic is 1.7 miles south of Miller Park on the left side of Miller Park Way

- Head south on Miller Park Way
- Make a U-turn just after passing Menards
- Our clinic will be on the right

From the south via Miller Park Way

Our clinic is 0.2 miles north of Lincoln Ave on the right side of Miller Park Way

- Head north on Miller Park Way
- Our clinic will be on the right immediately after the stoplight at Menards and Pick N Save

West Milwaukee Dental Associates Offers All Dental Specialties

Our state-of-the-art West Milwaukee dental clinic will feature general dentistry and all dental specialties, allowing you and your family to receive quality dental care all at one location. Your family will benefit from the following dental specialties: 

- General dentistry
- Pediatric dentistry
- Cosmetic dentistry
- Orthodontics
- Endodontics

- Oral Surgery
- Periodontics
- Dental Implants
- Dentures & bridges


What Makes Dental Associates Different


Dental Associates is family and dentist-owned. Our company is rooted on family values, and those values are reflected in each of our 14 dental clinics we operate in eastern Wisconsin.


Team Dentistry

As our patient, you will experience care from the dentist of your choice. Your dental team will build a lasting relationship that will result in your better overall health. Should you ever need specialty care like braces or oral surgery, our dental specialists are right down the hallway for consultation with your dentist.



We bring the newest dental technology to our West Milwaukee dental clinic so you will benefit from state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. From patient records to X-rays, we are an all-digital practice. We use the latest dental industry advancements, which results in better outcomes for you.


Accredited West Milwaukee Dental Clinic

In our pursuit of providing the highest level of quality care, we sought accreditation from the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC), and we have been accredited since 2012. AAAHC accreditation status means that Dental Associates meets nationally-recognized standards for the delivery of quality health care. Our West Milwaukee dental clinic will go through the same rigorous accreditation process. Learn more about our AAAHC accreditation.


Dental Insurance Savings

We accept many dental insurance plans and work with CarePlus Dental Plans to offer additional savings on top of the dental insurance you may already have.

Available exclusively at Dental Associates clinics, CarePlus offers savings on dental care whether you have existing dental insurance and want to pay less out of pocket, or if you have no insurance and need coverage. When we call to confirm your appointment, we’ll discuss your insurance needs.


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