Come be a dentist again!

Dental Associates provides a tremendous exit strategy for experienced dentists who are looking to make a career change and get back to what they originally planned to do: be a dentist.

Running your own practice can be exhausting, and also frustrating at times. But Dental Associates can relieve you of the stressful business and administrative burdens, allowing you to focus your efforts on your patients and providing dental care. You also get the peace of mind from a succession plan for your business.

Why should I join Dental Associates?

Simply put, Dental Associates will provide you with the resources, technology, and support you need to be the very best dentist possible. Our company was built by dentists and is led by dentists. We’re not a big business that focuses solely on financial aspects. Our owner, president, Chief Dental Officer, and directors of professional development are all dentists, so they understand the importance of patient-focused, honest, innovative and coordinated dentistry. We put patients first, so when you join Dental Associates, you can expect to be a part of an environment that’s both fulfilling for you and your patients.

What are my options for selling my practice?

Dental Associates offers two exit strategy options for your dental practice:

  1. We will buy your existing practice and move patients to our facilities
  2. We will buy your existing practice and transition it into a Dental Associates clinic

What happens to my existing dental team and patients?

Dental Associates understands the importance of having a dental team that you feel comfortable with. Your assistants and hygienists can follow you to Dental Associates and continue working alongside you while you provide the same excellent care, just in a new environment.

We will also take care of communicating with your existing patients regarding your move. We’ll schedule them, and ensure they have the most seamless transition to Dental Associates possible.

Learn how Dental Associates can help you be a dentist again

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