Ongoing Training Will Help Strengthen Your Career

At Dental Associates, you will be presented with ongoing training opportunities to broaden and expand your knowledge and experience. You will gain valuable experience day-by-day, and be exposed to training and mentoring that will help you grow within your field.

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Training for Dental Assistants and Patient Care Coordinators

At Dental Associates, we give you the tools you need to succeed in your career from the very beginning. Each team member attends an in-depth orientation program to help you feel more comfortable about clinical operations before you even step foot in the clinic. From your first day at our clinic, we offer you exposure to multiple specialties with hands-on training that will help you to be well-rounded and able to serve patients even better.

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Training for Dental Hygienists

As a hygienist, you’ve already completed extensive training and exams to become certified. Your training before you begin seeing patients gives you the tools to become an expert with our electronic patient records and computer system. So in addition to your clinical expertise, you’ll be able to efficiently record your patients’ information with our customized digital charting technology and provide them with the highest level of care possible.

Learn more about our Dental Hygienist Jobs.

Training for Dentists & Specialty Dentists

We hire only the most passionate and talented dentists in the field. Once you join our team, we give you the tools to be the most well-rounded provider you can be. To do this, we provide our new doctors with a structured mentoring program where you’ll learn firsthand from an experienced provider about the ins and outs and how you can provide the best dental care and the best patient experience too.

Learn more about the career paths for Graduating Dentists or Practicing Dentists.

Mentoring for Clinical Staff

We understand that some of the best learning comes from experience, and we are proud of our mentorship program for our clinical staff. During your first three months at Dental Associates, we will place you with a seasoned team member so that you can learn about our clinic and about your craft straight from someone who’s been in your shoes and can help you to be successful from day one.

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