Thumbsucking is a common habit that helps calm newborns and babies, especially during teething. However, once a child’s permanent teeth appear, thumbsucking may create problems with the growth and alignment of the child’s teeth, and can lead to an increased need for braces and orthodontics

How to Stop a Child from Sucking Their Thumb

  • Praise and reward your child for refraining from sucking their thumb
  • Identify the cause of the thumb sucking (sometimes anxiety or boredom) and work to eliminate it
  • Some children suck their thumb as they fall asleep. Have your child wear mittens to bed and play soothing music to help them sleep
  • Be patient and try not to get discouraged; thumb sucking is often difficult for children to overcome

Ask your dentist if your child’s thumbsucking is detrimental to their oral health and how you can help your child to stop.

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