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Meet Our Kenosha Orthodontist 

Dr. Nicolas Branshaw has been serving the Kenosha community with quality orthodontic care for many years. A proud graduate of Marquette University’s Orthodontics program, he’s driven by transforming patient’s smiles. 

Kenosha Orthodontist, Dr. Nicolas Branshaw

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How to Pay for Braces:


Six ways that Dental Associates can assist you in paying for orthodontics:

  1. Your Dental Insurance: We accept over 200 dental insurance plans and many offer orthodontic benefits.

  2. Pre-Paid Discount: We offer a 5% discount if you pay for the orthodontic treatment in full.

  3. Monthly payment options: We can set up automatic monthly payments through a checking or savings account.

  4. HSA / FSA: You might be able to leverage your Health Savings Account (HSA) and/or Flexible Spending Account (FSA).

  5. Financing: Our financing partners offer monthly payment plans for orthodontics and other dental expenses.

  6. No insurance? Ask our team about CarePlus dental insurance, which can assist in offsetting braces costs.


Why Choose Dental Associates? 



Our orthodontist collaborates with our dentists and specialists to offer the best care.  



We feature every dental specialty, including pediatric dentistry and oral surgery.



We’ve been a pillar of Kenosha and surrounding communities for over 30 years.

Invisalign Provider in Kenosha.

Is Invisalign for You? 

Invisalign offers numerous benefits for individuals seeking orthodontic treatment. One of the most prominent advantages is the virtually invisible appearance of the clear aligners, providing a discreet and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional braces. 

Listen to our patient's experience with Invisalign:

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