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Dental Fillings & Restorative Care to Alleviate Toothaches and Tooth Pain

If left untreated, toothaches can result in increased discomfort and long-term damage. If you or your child experiences tooth pain of any kind, schedule an appointment to see your dentist as soon as possible. We will provide treatment that will allow you to eat, smile and talk without pain.

Toothache Symptoms & Causes

toothache.jpgToothaches can result from a variety of causes. If your tooth pain lasts longer than a few days or is accompanied by a fever or ear ache, schedule an appointment with your Dental Associates dentist. Be sure to monitor your child’s symptoms closely if they complain of pain. Learn the specifics about toothache symptoms and causes.

Types of Dental Fillings

When tooth pain stems from a cavity, your dentist will most likely recommend a filling. They will clean the tooth, remove the decay and restore the tooth with the filling material. This filling will prevent future bacteria from settling in the tooth. Several types of filling materials exist, and your dentist will work with you or your child to decide what would be best for your individual case. Learn the types of dental fillings that our dentists use.

If treatment other than a filling is needed to alleviate your pain, your dentist will suggest specialty treatment, including dental crowns, root canal therapy, or dental implants.

For more information about toothaches and dental fillings, visit fillings & restorative care FAQs.

Emergency Dental Care

We offer 24-hour urgent care to active patients of record. If you or your child has a dental emergency during non-business hours, call our office and the urgent care answering service will connect you quickly with our on-call staff. Learn more about Dental Associates’ emergency dental care.

Request an Examination

Our team at Dental Associates is eager to serve you. To request an examination with a dentist, visit our locations page to find a dental clinic near you. Please call the clinic of your choice to schedule an appointment, or request an appointment below.


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