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Patient Testimonial: "All Specialties Under One Roof" Convenience

This video testimonial shares the experience of one patient who was referred by a friend and learned the benefits of our "all specialties under one roof" model.

Cindy Lequia was in need of extensive dental work and in need of a dentist. With anxiety in finding the right dentist, a coworker recommended Dental Associates. Cindy was hesitant but decided to visit. She now has her smile back and loves the convenience of Dental Associates’ “all specialties under one roof" model provided her throughout treatment. Hear Cindy’s story in her own words here.

The following is a testimonial from an actual Dental Associates patient. No form of compensation was provided.

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Video Transcript

I decided to come to Dental Associates when my former dentist retired. My coworker highly recommended Dental Associates to me when she learned of my anxiety in locating a new dental clinic.

My impression of Dental Associates prior to visiting the clinic is that they mainly did cleanings and fillings and that they did not necessarily perform quality work. I now have a totally different viewpoint, which is extremely positive.

My favorite thing about Dental Associates they have all of the specialists are all under one roof. In the past few years, I have seen a dental hygienist, a regular dentist, a root canal specialist, a prosthodontist, and an oral surgeon. They all consulted with each other and came up with a plan for me. It is truly a one-stop shop.

Dental Associates is different from other clinics because they made me feel comfortable about my dental situation. I truly love to smile now and love to show it off. In the past I was self-conscious about my smile, I was also cautious about eating in public until I had my dental implants and I know I no longer have a need to worry.

I have always felt very comfortable and welcome with everyone at Dental Associates. They present a very calming environment, which is extremely important to me.

I would tell anyone looking for a new dentist to check out Dental Associates. I have always highly recommended them to everyone, including my husband, my daughter, and now my three grandchildren. If you are looking for a new dental clinic, give Dental Associates a call. You will not be disappointed.