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Patient Testimonial: Dentistry with Convincing Quality

This video testimonial shares the experience of one patient whose impression of Dental Associates completely changed after his positive interaction with our Franklin dental center.

Before becoming a patient, if you asked Dick Tillmar about Dental Associates, his impression was not a positive one. However, after visiting our Franklin dental center, his viewpoint could not be more different. Dick was so impressed with the way he was treated that he sat down with us to talk about his initial experiences leading up to his dental implant treatment. Hear Dick’s story in his own word here.

The following is a testimonial from an actual Dental Associates patient. No form of compensation was provided.

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Video Transcript

What made you decide to go to Dental Associates?
Well, what made me decide to go visit Dental Associates was the mere fact that I'm missing four or five front teeth. I mean we walked into this basically brand new building. The reception area was bright and airy. The receptionist, well I think you have everyone trained to wear a smile all of the time, and I felt comfortable. And as we walked back, they just walk you around the place; I didn’t have to ask to do that, it was part of the program, but it didn’t seem like it was programmed. It seemed like it was a genuine appreciation for where she worked.

What was your impression of Dental Associates prior to going?
My impression was maybe this is some type of assembly line operation where they have driven the cost down as cheaply as they can. Who knows what the quality is. But, after my visit down there, I was quite convinced that it was quality dentistry. And I think Dental Associates ought to be very proud of that.

How was your experience with the doctor?
He knew what he wanted to have done, I think if it were him. I didn’t have to ask, Amber said you will have a letter confirming everything we told you and should answer all of your questions, and cover what we answered or discussed in this session, and if it doesn’t, feel free to call me back and we will take care of it from there. I appreciate that.

Why dental implants?
If yourself conscious about the way you look, they are going to notice that no matter how you cover it up or attempt to cover it up. But I'm accustomed to smiling. I mean, I like to smile, and I can't, at least not as voluntarily as I would like to. So it has a big impact on me there.

What would you tell someone considering going to Dental Associates?
You need to have a comfortable feeling that you're getting quality for the price you pay. There's an old saying: You can't have speed, quality, and low expense. You can have any two of the three. And I think here you might just be getting all three.