Fear of the Dentist: One Patient’s Tale

Helping Patients with Dental Phobia Overcome Fear of the Dentist

At Dental Associates, our caring dental professionals are experienced in helping patients who have dental anxiety. Having a fear of the dentist results in more than just anxiety regarding dental treatment; it poses other problems such as health issues stemming from prolonged care.

Below is a message we received from an actual patient of our Dental Associates Franklin clinic highlighting his experience and how our team helped him overcome his fear of the dentist.

Dental Anxiety: Andrew’s Story

Watch this short video to hear from Andrew how his Dental Associates dentist helped him overcome his fear of the dentist:


"Just want to drop a couple lines about my most recent visits. Again my dentist and her staff exceeded my expectations. After not visiting a dentist in over eight years, I knew I would need some work. On the first visit, time was taken to get to know each other and talk about what was needed. On the second visit, of course I was feeling anxious (needing five fillings), but the staff was calming and understood my fears. My dentist offered me laughing gas at the first visit which I openly accepted. After the gas kicked in, I was aware of what was going on but felt nothing and had no care in the world.

After the procedure was over, I was informed that I needed a root canal and crown. My dentist took the time to explain the procedures and the other options of extraction and implants. After thinking about it I decided to go with the root canal procedure with the laughing gas option throughout.

Returning two days later for a cleaning, again filled with anxiety because of the horrors as a child I experienced. Lori, my hygienist, was very through and eased my mind. As a child I remember many minutes of scraping and bleeding and leaving in pain. Hardly any of that this time, and I left with a smile. For 8 years of plaque build-up, it was a breeze.

I truly appreciate my dentist and her staff as they have proven to me that the dentist office is not the torture chamber I grew up to know. The chair side manner displayed by everyone on staff was exemplary. I am glad of my decision and will continue to stay current with my dental needs as I have found a team that makes the uncomfortable or unbearable, absolutely comfortable."

- Andrew Wendt, Saint Francis, WI

What to Do If You Have Dental Phobia

It is important that you communicate your fears to your Dental Associates team. Be upfront with your dental team from the start, and they will do everything they can to set your mind at ease during your dental care.

Keep in mind that if a fear of the dentist keep you from seeking treatment, your oral health may deteriorate over time. See your dentist as soon as possible, and let us help you overcome your fear of the dentist by providing exceptional care that allows you to feel less anxious about receiving dental care.

For a free consultation from a Dental Associates dentist, please click the button below. Our team members will help address your dental problems in a caring manner that will help you overcome your fears of the dentist.