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Malocclusion: Misaligned Bites that Braces Correct

Malocclusion is a misalignment of teeth or an incorrect relationship between the teeth of your upper and lower arches. Braces and orthodontics correct both the straightness of your teeth, as well as any misaligned bite.

Straightening teeth and realigning bites have long-term benefits for overall oral health:

  • Straight teeth are easier to brush and floss. This helps reduce tooth decay, gum disease and gingivitis. 
  • A correct bite allows your teeth and mouth to chew on food the way they are supposed to. Fixing problems associated with an overbite, underbite, crossbite or another other type of misaligned bite makes it easier to chew and digest food.
  • Prevent premature wear. If your teeth don’t align properly, it puts extra pressure on adjacent teeth, causing them to wear faster.
  • Correct teeth alignment also helps you speak properly. When upper and lower front teeth don't align properly, speech problems can occur.

Common malocclusion bite problems braces correct:

Crowded Teeth image courtesy of Invisalign

Crowded Teeth: This occurs when there are too many teeth for the allotted space in your mouth. 


Misplaced midlines: This occurs when the center of your upper front teeth don’t line up with the center of your lower front teeth.

Gapped Teeth image courtesy of Invisalign

Gapped Teeth: Gaps between your teeth caused by the simple fact that your teeth don’t fill up all the available space in your mouth or from missing teeth.



Crossbites: This occurs when the upper teeth do not align with the lower teeth as they should when biting down.

Overjets / Buck Teeth image courtesy of Invisalign


Overjets / Buck Teeth: This occurs when the upper front teeth stick out excessively over the lower teeth. This is sometimes called having buck teeth.


Openbites: This occurs when you bite down and the back teeth bite together, but the surface of the front or side teeth, or both, have a gap between them.

Overbite image courtesy of Invisalign


Overbites: This occurs when your upper teeth excessively cover your lower teeth when you are biting your teeth together. This is sometimes called a “deep bite.”




Underbite image courtesy of Invisalign

Underbites: This occurs when the lower teeth are too far forward or the upper teeth are too far back. This gives a bulldog-like appearance.


Learn how Traditional Braces or Invisalign Clear Braces can correct these types of Malocclusion teeth alignment problems.


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