Learn about Braces Home Care

Braces Home Care

How do I take care of my braces at home? 

Taking care of your braces or other orthodontic appliances can be tricky. However, the following tips and tools will help make maintaining your dental hygiene easier!


Problem: Brushing teeth with braces.
Solution: The rule of three.

There are three different angles for your toothbrush that will provide the best cleaning of your teeth and help avoid any cavities or decalcification (white spots). First, start by angling your toothbrush so the bristles are pointed down to brush the top of the brackets. Then, brush the “front” of your teeth in small circular motions. Finally, angle your toothbrush so the bristles are pointed up to brush the bottom of the brackets. We recommend you brush your teeth for three minutes, three times a day, or after every meal. 

Problem: Trouble flossing under wires.
Solution: Floss threader.

Using a floss threader is a lot like using a needle and thread. By threading the floss through the large hole in the threader, you can use the stiff end to weave the floss under any wires or permanent retainers. 

Problem: Food caught under wires.
Solution: A proxy brush.

Using an interproximal brush is great to use if you do not have time to brush your teeth after a meal. Carefully slide the brush under the wires to help remove any food that may be stuck. 

Problem: Poking Wire.
Solution: Wax.

Your orthodontist will give you dental wax which can be used to help keep any wires from poking and causing pain. Take a small amount of wax and roll it into a ball between your thumb and forefinger. Once formed, place the ball of wax on the problem area and carefully press the wax into the bracket/wire. It may take a few tries to get the correct placement.  Pro tip: try to dry the area before applying. This helps the wax adhere better. 


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