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Preventing Orthodontics Problems

When you have braces, you have a lot going on in your mouth: arch wires, brackets, braces, ligatures, bands and more. You’re also doing a lot with that mouth, like drinking, eating, brushing, flossing, and maybe even participating in an activity where being hit in the mouth is a possibility. You definitely should be able to do all those things with braces. Your braces are made with the most advanced materials and put on by Dental Associates orthodontic experts, so they are secure, stable and effective.

Appropriate Foods for Braces

The food you eat can have a significant impact on your braces. Read our Foods to Avoid with Braces page for foods that should be avoided, as well as foods that are recommended for braces wearers.

Mouth Guards to Protect Braces

If you play sports or engage in any other activity that may put your mouth at risk via impact, make sure to ask your dentist or orthodontist about using a mouth guard. And remember that even activities like biking, rollerblading or playing a pickup game of football or basketball can be a risk, so wear a mouth guard for these types of activities, as well.


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