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Restore All of Your Teeth with Implants

Restore All of Your Teeth With Dental Implants

When there is a mouthful of failing teeth or missing teeth, implant dentistry from the Implant Center at Dental Associates is simply the optimal choice. It is considered the “standard of care” for tooth replacement.

When a person has no teeth, there are no tooth roots in the jawbone to stimulate bone growth so the body senses the jawbone is no longer necessary and begins to dissolve it away. This results in facial collapse. It often becomes difficult to wear a denture because there is little bone left to support it. In addition, as the bone melts away, facial muscles migrate, or pull back from their natural position. Lips cave in as they lose support. This causes the lower face to shrivel up to create a witches chin, and wrinkles around the mouth, known as marionette lines, increase dramatically. This makes a person look much older; up to 20 to 25 years older! And if that isn’t enough, complete tooth loss and the deterioration of the jaws can result in significant health problems relating to improper digestion, compromised eating habits and inflammation brought on by gum disease.

Studies indicate that poor oral health can also lead to cardiovascular issues. Periodontal Health ( reports that the potential effects of gum disease are associated with a greater risk of developing certain diseases or experiencing certain events:

  • Coronary artery disease: 2 - 4 times greater
  • Stroke: 2 - 3 times greater
  • Adverse pregnancy outcomes: 4 - 7 times greater
  • Diabetes: 2 - 4 times greater
  • Chronic respiratory disease: 2 - 5 times greater

Whether you are missing one tooth, multiple teeth, have a partial or full denture, or are missing all of your teeth, you can easily switch to a fixed dental implant system that will enhance your lifestyle, boost your confidence, and immediately improve your quality of life. Dental implants from the Implant Center at Dental Associates are permanent. They look and function just like real teeth. They’re stable, comfortable and last a lifetime. And they will change your life for the better... forever.


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