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Pediatric Dentistry & Braces

Dental Associates offers the ultimate in convenience

Imagine being able to go to the same dental clinic for your dental check-ups, your child’s pediatric dentist check-ups, and the orthodontist if needed. The convenience of not having to drive all over town to different oral health providers isn’t a dream; it’s reality at Dental Associates.

Our “complete care under one roof” concept means that you will visit the same convenient, high-tech dental clinic for dental check-ups and any specialty dentistry needs. From pediatric dentists and orthodontists to oral surgeons and Endodontists, if you need oral health care, you can get it all right at your local Dental Associates clinic.

Visit our Pediatric Dentistry and Braces & Orthodontics sections below to see how we provide all the care your child will ever need.

Our convenient locations and complete care under one roof are bound to make you smile more.

Pediatric Dentistry





Learn about...

• Our outstanding pediatric dentistry
• How our pediatric dentists make your child feel right at home at their first visit, and every visit
• The importance of baby teeth
• Oral hygiene and dietary hints and tips
• Answers to common questions about kid's teeth


Visit our Pediatric Dentistry section.


Braces & Orthodontics


Learn about...

• The full range of orthodontics treatment options we offer
• Invisalign clear braces
• Traditional braces and how we can customize them for your lifestyle
• Braces for adults who want to improve their smile
• Answers to common questions about braces and orthodontics


Visit our Braces & Orthodontics section.