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What are Dental Implants? Read this Dental Implant FAQ

Dental Implant Frequently Asked Questions


Will it hurt?
Dental implant surgery has less discomfort than having several teeth removed. And just like any surgery there can be some discomfort. However we use anesthetic and offer intravenous sedation as an option to eliminate any discomfort. We also prescribe medication to control any discomfort or swelling that may occur after the procedure. We take special care to remain in contact with you and to see you post-operatively. We’re available 24 hours a day should you have any concerns.

Are all implants successful?
Data collected over 30 years has shown that dental implants are 95% successful. Dental implants are made from titanium, which is compatible with our bodies, so the body does not reject dental implants as it might a soft tissue implant, such as a heart or a lung.

How much will it cost?
The procedures vary in cost depending on the type of implant needed. An implant is a man-made replacement made out of titanium, a very unique, strong material that is the most compatible with the human body. Special drills, components and equipment must be also be used for the delicate procedure. For a FREE consultation call 888-594-9941 or visit our Dental Implant Seminar page.

Will my insurance pay?
Some portions of the surgery, in some cases, are covered by dental insurance. However, an implant is not a covered benefit on the majority of insurance contracts. We will maximize all of your available medical and dental benefits, and we also offer dental insurance to help with the costs.

What do they feel like?
Dental implants feel similar to natural teeth. They provide a strong, solid base to affix permanent teeth, and they feel very real.

Am I too old?
As long as you are in good health, age is not a factor. We routinely place dental implants in patients in their 70s and 80s.

How long before I have teeth?
You will have teeth when you leave our office. To complete treatment it takes from four months and, in some cases, as long as 18 months, but temporary teeth will be placed on your implants the very same day the implant procedure takes place.

Do dental implants look like teeth?
Yes. Your teeth will look natural. If supporting bone and gum tissue has atrophied (shrunken down) your new teeth may need to be slightly longer to fill the space, but the difference will be so minor, no one will be able to tell.