SmileKeeper Retainer Replacement Program for active Dental Associates orthodontic patients.

SmileKeeper Retainer Replacement Program


Our SmileKeeper Retainer Replacement Program offers active patients protection against lost, broken, dirty, or worn orthodontic retainers. 



Did you know... 

The typical replacement cost of an orthodontic retainer is over $150... per arch! 


Protect Your Investment and Eliminate Frustration


Who qualifies for the SmileKeeper Retainer Replacement Program?

Any Dental Associates patient currently receiving traditional or clear aligner orthodontic treatment.


How much does it cost?

For less than the cost of two retainer set replacements, you can be covered for five years with a minimal co-pay per replacement. Patients are covered for up to four clear aligner retainer replacements per year* for five years, plus a small co-pay for each new arch. 

*That’s four individual retainers for one arch, not a pair for each arch.


Missing Retainer?

Broken Retainer?

Dirty Retainer?

You're Covered!


Additional Details


What Type of Replacement Retainer is Offered? 

Program includes clear aligner retainers only. Patients who require Hawley, wired, or acrylic retainers are not eligible for this program. 


Who is Eligible? 

  1. Dental Associates patients receiving orthodontic treatment, traditional or clear aligners. 
  2. Patient that signs a contract before/at the debanding appointment or before clear aligner treatment is completed. 
  3. Patients eligible for clear aligner retainers only (this excludes traditional Hawley retainers). 


How to Order Replacement Retainer 

  • Patient/guardian calls Dental Associates to order a single or a set of retainers.  
  • Co-pay must be paid for each arch at the time of ordering.  
  • Patient/guardian will be contacted when the replacement retainer is ready to be picked up at your clinic’s front desk.


Interested? Ask for more details at your next orthodontic appointment!


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