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Dental Education

Dental Associates believes good oral health is critically important to your overall wellness. Maintaining good oral health will not only result in an impressive smile, it will also result in a lifetime of overall wellness, free from problems.

Below are some in-depth dental education resources that will help educate yourself on critical oral health topics. You will also learn more about Dental Associates and our complete care under one roof model.


Proactive Dental Care Dental Associates Video Gallery
Children Dental Care Senior Dental Care
Dental Care During PregnancyTobacco and Oral Health


Complete Care Under One Roof

Dental Associates offers the following dental specialties all from one, state-of-the-art dental clinic near you. Here you can learn about each dental specialty we offer.


General Dentistry: Primary dental care provided by a dentist.
Pediatric Dentistry: Dental treatment for infants through adolescents.
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: Treatment and correction of jaw diseases, injuries and defects, including simple and complex extractions.
Orthodontics: Correction of bite irregularities by use of braces and retainers.
Endodontics: Treatment of disease or injury of the dental pulp of the tooth, such as a root canal therapy.
Periodontics: Treatment of gum and tissue diseases.
Prosthodontics: Custom fit dentures, crowns and bridgework.
Cosmetic Dentistry: Aesthetic improvement of your smile including teeth whitening, as well as treatment for a “gummy smile.”
Dental Implants: State of the art preferred treatment to replace missing natural teeth.


Fear of the Dentist?

If you have dental phobia and are interested in sedation dentistry, please visit the following page to read one patient’s story of how our dentist helped him overcome his fear of the dentist. Fear of the Dentist: One Patient’s Tale